A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Marcus Garvey

History Lead – Jack Carey


At St. Mary’s we have a whole-school and consistent approach to the teaching of history;  staff have a ‘can-do’ attitude, that regardless of barrier all children will achieve their full potential . Children will articulate and share their understanding of history and chronology by developing their historical vocabulary. We will continue to develop a love of learning and historical knowledge in children, through the use of artefacts, visits and visitors. 


 St. Mary’s will always do its utmost to ensure that children receive the highest level of ‘Quality First Teaching’. Quality of teaching is the single most important driver of pupil attainment. Through CPD, the sharing of successful practice with schools within NPCAT, and the use of consistent, quality planning and schemes of learning we will maintain ‘Quality First Teaching’ within the school. To ensure that our pupils articulate their love of history and their knowledge and understanding we will develop our teaching of vocabulary in history in coordination with our English teaching. Every lesson will begin with a retrieval activity to ensure children remember more, learn more and know more. 

Teaching staff at St. Mary’s are always assessing the progress and achievements of pupils through formative and summative assessment, to ensure that gaps in knowledge are addressed and that pupils continually make progress. Pupils articulate and share their learning and experiences and will show their developing passion for History verbally and through their research based written tasks. Each classroom has a positive and engaging environment with particular focus on History and historical vocabulary. 

In Key Stage 2 history is taught in chronological order. We cover and study periods and peoples such as; the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, British Monarchs and World II. In Key Stage 1 our focus is on key events and key people. Since September, the school has conducted a local history study on Grangetown and Middlesbrough; we have taken part in Black History Month, with each class studying a key figure in Black History.


Every child at St Mary’s will have a knowledge of history, locally, nationally and globally. Pupils are able to articulate what they have learnt. They use their voice to debate and recognise the importance of having your voice heard in a democratic society. Teachers enthuse a love of learning in our pupils, ensuring our pupils are curious learners and always eager to learn more.