Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Our dynamic, inclusive and nurturing learning environment offers an education which inspires academic excellence and confidence for life.

The range of opportunities at St Mary’s recognises the diverse nature of our pupils and aims to prepare them for future roles as outstanding citizens who will make a contribution to their local, national and international communities.

Our Motto

Fiat Mihi – Let it be with me

Our children know that like Mary, they too are special; they are chosen; they are loved. We are inspired by Mary’s bravery to say ‘YES’ to God’s call, and just like Mary, when we say yes to new opportunities our lives can change forever.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is driven by our desire to see every student flourish, to ensure that they feel connected and confident, and ultimately ready to embrace life beyond the school gates.

This is achieved through our 5 curriculum drivers: love, articulate, knowledge, curious and aspire. We are a forward thinking, innovative school which draws on the latest research developments in educational theory.

Guided by our high calibre, passionate teachers, students develop skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

We aim to take students beyond the acquisition of knowledge to a deeper understanding of concepts and ideas.

To this end we promote the skills of higher-order thinking, challenging students to apply their knowledge and understanding to problems and situations previously not experienced.

Extra curricular Opportunities

Our academic program is complemented by a diverse and extensive range of extra curricular activities, which are designed to encourage students to explore their own talents, interests and passions. This includes our unique passport of the 33 experiences of a St Mary’s pupil. These are designed to expand social experience, encourage active contribution to the School community and help students to develop teamwork, leadership and other vital life skills.

Our Staff

Exceptional education requires passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated staff who value each individual student and who teach the whole person, not just the curriculum.

Our teachers are encouraged to focus on innovation and to bring the best educational theory and practice into the classroom.

They are strong role models for our students and convey their own passion and commitment to lifelong learning.

Our Community

A key feature of St Mary’s is our warm and inclusive school community, which welcomes newcomers, like me, with open arms.

As the new Headteacher, I have been given a very warm welcome; the sense of community and enthusiasm for the school has been evident since my appointment to  the role.

Our world needs outstanding citizens who have the skills and desire to make a difference, be that on a local, national or global level.

An education at St Mary’s will make  this happen for your child. 

Mrs Anna McClurey